An actively managed ESG portfolio of great businesses from around the world helping society and the environment, targeting outperforming portfolio returns at the same time

Investing to help the world using the principles of the Austrian School of Economics (ASE)

  • Market Environmentalism, not Agenda Environmentalism
  • Integrated ESG, Socially Responsible and Impact Investing – all 3
  • No use of Derivatives, No use of Debt or Leverage
  • World-Class Team

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Helping to meet the Challenges of the Current Environment:

Negative Interest

How do you get real yield in an environment of essentially 0% interest rates or negative real interest rates (nominal interest rates minus inflation)?

Preserve Purchasing

How do you preserve purchasing power when currencies are depreciating? How do you preserve purchasing power in a rising inflation environment?

Investment Environment

How do you invest in an environment characterized by quantitative easing, monetization and policy-based interest rates?

How do you invest to help society and the environment, and target portfolio outperforming returns at the same time?

Investing using principles of the Austrian School of Economics

Unique Approach

“The Austrian investment approach eschews leverage, promotions, and fads. It is likely to steer one away from disastrous investment outcomes through a balanced approach to wealth preservation. In short, the Austrian methodology is based on reality, not fancy, and its application in daily practice will provide an investor with favorable odds to achieve financial well-being.”

– Austrian School for Investors by Incrementum Fund Managers Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek and Incrementum Advisory Board Members Heinz Blasnik and Rahim Taghizadegan

Veteran Floor Trader Yra Harris

A World Class Team! – led by Research Strategist Yra Harris

Yra has decades of experience as a Floor Trader, and served as a Board Member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). He frequently appears on CNBC and other global media outlets to provide perspective and insight into the economy and financial markets.

“The idea of a more sustainable, cleaner, and social economic system is not new .. it is happening as we speak thanks to competition and technology .. consumers are already making companies all over the world implement increasingly higher sustainability and environmentally friendly policies .. If we want a more sustainable world, we need to defend sound money policies .. free markets .. will make this world better for all.”

– Daniel Lacalle, Economist and Fund Manager – Article Link

Our Investment Approach incorporates the noble UN Sustainable Development Goals and the objectives of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, but uniquely we target these goals and objectives based on the natural market principles of the Austrian School of Economics and Market Environmentalism – not Agenda Environmentalism – from the Austrian Economics Center.