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Research Services to help grow capital through real wealth investments and trading opportunities! Helping Society and the Environment through Financial Outperformance! Target outperformance relative to the S & P 500 at lower risk; an emphasis on investments that address environment, social and governance (ESG) factors towards socially responsible investing (SRI) and Impact Investing.

Policy changes, which allow markets to operate freely result in economic growth and wealth creation. Interventionist policies are not market friendly and result in economic stagnation and the decline of wealth. Profit opportunities exist when these changes are anticipated and interpreted properly.

Trading opportunities and an exemplary Investment Model to help meet the challenges of the current environment:

Negative Interest

How do you get real yield in an environment of essentially 0% interest rates or negative real interest rates (nominal interest rates minus inflation)?

Preserve Purchasing

How do you preserve purchasing power when central banks around the world are intentionally weakening their currencies? How do you preserve purchasing power in a rising inflation environment?

Investment Environment

How do you invest in an environment characterized by ongoing central bank and government interventions and ring-fencing regulations?

How do you invest to help society, the environment and target financial outperformance at the same time?

Unique approach to investing using the principles of the Austrian School of Economics

Unique Approach

“The Austrian analytical framework is not a prescription for short-term investment success or even a pathway to building a fortune. The Austrian investment approach eschews leverage, promotions, and fads. It is likely to steer one away from disastrous investment outcomes through a balanced approach to wealth preservation. In short, the Austrian methodology is based on reality, not fancy, and its application in daily practice will provide an investor with favorable odds to achieve financial well-being.”

– Austrian School for Investors by Incrementum Fund Managers Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek and Incrementum Advisory Board Members Heinz Blasnik and Rahim Taghizadegan

Veteran Floor Trader Yra Harris

Trade through the eyes of Research Strategist Yra Harris

“Interfering with freely determined market prices sends the wrong signals to economic actors. When a central bank suppresses the price of credit – interest rates – bad things happen. To quote James Grant, ‘This is like turning all the traffic lights green.’ One possible result of this is inflated asset prices and an unsustainable boom. We also know to look for areas of mal-investment on the short side, typically long-term grandiose projects or consumer goods where long-term financing is offered. On the long side, it suggests we keep it simple and invest in basic necessities like food and affordable luxuries like beer.”

– Bill Laggner and Kevin Duffy, Bearing Asset Management


We are signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment: