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The Cedar Portfolio – Investing And Trading Research Services

Yra Harris

The Services

The services encompass 3 areas:

  1. Investing
  2. Trading
  3. Cash Holdings

For Investing, we maintain a pool of global equities based on cash-flowing businesses which meet our proprietary qualification process (PQP) for which we have developed through extensive research and backtesting.

For Trading, we identify distortions or imbalances in the financial markets and the economy which result in particular from government and central bank interventionist policies and activities. Veteran Floor Trader Yra Harris identifies trading opportunities based on this approach – the model portfolio service details these trading opportunities. You get to trade through the eyes of Yra!

For Cash Holdings, we provide suggestions for holding cash in the form of USD (short-term) and scarce and non-printable forms of money such as precious metals and precious metals-backed cryptocurrencies which are fully regulated within the banking and financial system.