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Trading Perspectives from Yra – April 20, 2020

Veteran Floor Trader Yra Harris


The U.S. Administration is talking about a strong U.S. dollar at the worst possible time. At this point, the dollar is more a finance issue than a trade issue, and the global financial system is extremely fragile with a strong U.S. dollar.

Europe continues to push for a unified European bond.

Oil today is significantly down as it is becoming apparent that the global economy is not likely to return to the similar economic levels of Dec 2019/Jan 2020 anytime soon.

“Everybody is lining up at the trough in the U.S. as the FED and Treasury have promised to satisfy the needs of all economic actors looking for some cash to smooth the way through rapidly declining economic activity.

The Fed’s balance sheet is in a race with the U.S. Treasury to see who can spend faster or accumulate assets in a whirlwind of acronyms.

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) will be a recurring a theme of NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND (again) as we begin to challenge the money addiction and the financial irresponsibility of policy makers.”

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